Famous Doctors

Famous Doctors

There are many famous doctors that have claimed their own recognition in the role that they have contributed to the medical industry. These famous physicians have sculpted not only theories but inventions that is considered remarkable in the advancement of the medical practice.

Virginia Apgar
Mothers would certainly recognize the term “Apgar Score” because this is often carried out after childbirth. Designed to scale the wellness of the newborn baby in terms of appearance, the Apgar Score is designed by Virginia Apgar, then anesthesiologist. The test is done 1 minute and five minutes after birth.

Christiaan Barnard
This cardiac surgeon is a native of South African, who became famous for carrying out the first successful human heart transplant.

Charles Richard Drew
Born in June 3, 1904, this American physician and medical researcher pioneered in the study of blood transfusion. His studies mainly evolved in the effective blood storage techniques and in the development of large scale blood banks during the WW II.

Orvan Walter Hess
A physician who became famous for the development of the fetal heart monitor and the early use of penicillin as treatment.

Edward Jenner
Parents especially mother should say their thanks to this English scientist-doctor who introduced the small pox vaccine.

Jonas Salk
An American doctor-biologist who took painstaking research resulting to the development of a killed virus polio vaccine. He is also the doctor who took much initiative in the hope to develop an AIDS vaccine.

There are still numerous famous doctors that contributed to the development of several innovations in the field of medicine. The above-mentioned list is only just a sprinkle of them.